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Bad Actors

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Malicious Tactics

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Breach Victims

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Cyber Risk Assessment

A Cyber Risk Assessment will measure your company’s current exposure and cybersecurity footprint. Utilizing cutting-edge technological processes to simulate a legitimate…

Risk Management

Westan Cyber Risk can assist your organization in complying with various regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.


Threat Intel

WESTAN CYBER RISK SOLUTIONS utilizes a blend of data from our intrusion monitoring platforms as well as gathered…

Data Breaches

With over 300 million records exposed in data breaches in 2016, experiencing a breach may inevitable.  Data breaches take many forms. External hackers and malicious insiders cause many breaches, but did you know that simple carelessness is responsible for a surprisingly large number of these breaches?

Breaches can pose a real threat to the individuals whose personally identifiable data has been lost or stolen.

From ransomware attacks, advanced persistent threats, privilege misuse, physical theft and loss, point of sale intrusions, and web  application attacks – your potential attack surface is complex and varied.

Make sure your business is defending against all security incidents and that you have an appropriate response if those defenses are ever compromised.


Cyber Insurance

When your organization suffers a data breach the response should be quick, efficient, and maintain customer confidence. The average data breach costs are exceeding $200 per client record and defending against lawsuits can easily exceed a company’s net worth.

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Focus on Prevention

Do You Assess? Use risk assessment and pentesting to identify weakness in your technology, processes, and people. Remediate vulnerabilities and minimize attack surface. Train staff to be security aware.

Do You Document? Formulate written Incident Response, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery plans. Implement and follow those plans.

Do You Monitor? Use threat intelligence and patch management to identify, analyse, and respond to security events that threaten your network internally and externally.

Focus on Response

Forensic costs – determining how the breach occurred

Notification costs – alerting affected individuals

Credit protection costs – credit monitoring services and fraud alerts

Public relationsto maintain the reputation of the business